We carried out an extensive groundworks project for the Southbank Centre, London, we installed anti-terrorism measures for a principal security contractor which is part of a wider project being driven by Lambeth Council.
This was a project with a huge number of complexities, we worked alongside various contractors and companies to ensure the project was delivered on time and within the allowed budgets. We carried out excavations for these units to be installed, this included concrete that had to be specified by the supplier in Israel and specially designed steel form work to integrate within the units to ensure maximum security against any threats that may ever occur. This project was hugely interesting and an exciting installation for the team at Oakbridge Group. It’s the first time in the United Kingdom this style of unit has been used and installed. The groundworks section of this has now been completed by Oakbridge Group.
Service Type : Groundworks Project
1 Size : Medium to Large
Year : 2023
Location : Southbank Centre, Belvidere Road, London, SE1 8XX